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Custom solutions

Morton Blacketer has undertaken more than 450 custom software projects. We have an experienced team who use a proven process to get results for your business.

We immerse ourselves in your company, getting involved in, and advancing the discussion, to take the idea of what you want and turn it into a succinct specification for a solution that will deliver to your objectives. This involves investigation, concept development, specification, design, development and, finally, implementation.

IT Business Services and Support

Morton Blacketer has a team of infrastructure management experts with the breadth of knowledge and experience to confidently manage your IT systems.  The options include:

  • Management of your company owned systems infrastructure through an ongoing support agreement
  • Providing Infrastructure as a Service to you. Instead of running your own server hardware on site, we can supply and manage it for you. Essentially, this means that you rent the infrastructure and support services that you need from our hosted data solutions centre. You gain access to very powerful computer equipment and leave its management and deployment to a team of IT experts at Morton Blacketer.
  • Infrastructure risk assessments, audits and health checks
  • IT strategy development
  • IT procurement and installation
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning
  • Audit compliance services.

Web solutions

Morton Blacketer’s hosted web solutions provide many advantages to clients: centrally managed, reduced administration costs, concurrent availability of the latest version to all users, access from any Internet connection, fast page downloads, appropriate security measures to protect data privacy and confidentiality, ability to share resources, a single point of data entry to create company, supply chain and industry efficiencies – just to name a few.

Importantly, Morton Blacketer has the experience of developing this type of solution for both individual clients and entire panels (comprising representatives from industry, government and associated bodies).

Some of the many development environments we use are the Microsoft .Net framework and Oracle Java Enterprise. Using this technology, we can…

  • Access a range of built-in features that facilitate development time for our clients
  • Provide our clients with comprehensive and innovative functionality options
  • Simplify website management and maintenance

…enabling us to deliver a customised solution to you within a user-friendly framework.


Through working with many agricultural based clients, Morton Blacketer has developed an understanding of the requirements for agribusiness solutions. These have ranged from farm planning and management, crop marketing, recording and sharing of crop data along the supply chain and the integration of mapping technologies.

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